Are you tired of not understanding what’s going on with your skin? Have you tried everything and nothing worked? Are you looking to break up with bad skin habits and develop a better relationship with your skin long-term? If yes, then this course is for you!

Since 2006, I’ve supported thousands of clients in helping them discover the best way to sustainably take care of their skin. I created Intuitive Skin Health to support you in laying the foundation of understanding your unique needs and how to take your care of YOUR skin. This course will guide you in better understanding your skin and the connection to your internal health and emotional well-being.

Your future self is already thanking you for this!

What the is Intuitive Skin Health course?

An easy to use online course developed by me to help guide your towards better understanding the complexities of your individual skin health. Our skin communicates while performing essential functions as part of our barrier from the external elements, a filter from our internal systems, and a regulator of different energies (yin and yang). This course will help you fine tune your intuition on what is actually going with your skin and overall health by going through 7 simple chapters. This includes video tutorials, downloadable worksheets, guided meditation, and TSC approved resources and products.

Who is Intuitive Skin Health is for:

YOU! This course was created for anyone seeking a more holistic approach for their skin. It doesn’t matter your age, race, gender, or general understanding of your skin - this course will work for any individual looking to create a healthy, sustainable base for their skin health.

This is what we will be covering in Intuitive Skin Health:

Regardless of where you are at with your skin journey, together we can elevate, evolve, and transform your skin and ultimately your self-care. This isn't a quick fix, this isn't a shameful race to achieve "perfect" skin - this course is developed through my years of experience with holistic practices that give you life long tools for your skin. These practices will be practical as you continue to evolve in your mind, body, and spirit. 

Intuitive Skin Health Course Testimonials:

“The TSC courses are an invaluable resource to me from every angle of my skin - from product to tools, from intention to creating loving habits, from struggles to glow. The love + care Hayley poured into each step is felt, and her expertise is spot on. I like to use the courses as a reference when I'm stuck on something and need a gentle reminder to get me back on track.” - Julie F.

“I was able to discover the unexpected root of a chronic skin issue by going through each chapter of Skin Health 101. Now I feel empowered with my newfound knowledge because I finally feel confident in my skin again!” - Megan P.

“I always felt ashamed of what was going on with my skin until this course. I finally feel better knowing that my skin is just communicating and working for me, not against me. I also now love intuitively building my regimen every day!” - Erin M.

***NOTE | The TSC Skin Series were recently updated as of February 2019. There are changes we will continuously be doing to the course in order to provide the most modern modalities for your skin’s health.

*Full Skin Series includes: TSC Intuitive Skin Health and TSC Skincare Rituals

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10% of profits will be donated to Alzheimer's Association to honor my grandmother Roy who passed away on April, 11th 2018 after a 15-year battle with this terrible disease.