"Hayley and her facials have not only made my skin glow but also repaired my relationship with my skin. I am better able to keep my skin looking lovely because I'm not longer treating it like an enemy. Hayley shows you how care for yourself and your skin all at the same time. Compliments will follow, just wait."

Michelle Davis, 3x NYT Best Selling Author of the Thug Kitchen series


"Hayley is the kind of skin healer that makes you soooooo grateful that you live in LA. She understands the new science and very skillful modern techniques but perfectly substitutes or pairs them with most medicinal and potent holistic formulas and ancient tools that have been around for thousands of years. She also has a deep intuition of the multilayers that contribute to our skin that goes far beneath the surface. When you visit her, she's looking at your emotional standpoint, relationship with your skin, the food you're taking in and everything else that makes you a whole physical and energetic being. I have so many friends that have gotten to experience her healing magic when it comes to remedying acne and hormonal imbalances surfacing in the skin. She also turned me onto oil cleansing which I'm eternally grateful for! And gave me great tips on how to nourish my ultra-dry skin!"

Lacy Phillips, Manifestation Advisor + Herbalist To Be Magentic


"Seeing Hayley was like no other facial experience I've ever had! She provides the perfect combination of gentle extractions with holistic methods (her yin-yang rollers are life), facial reflexology, lymphatic massage, blue light, and more. The experience with her is deeply relaxing, and she is an absolute wealth of knowledge. I adore her and can't wait to continue to treat my face to more sessions with her!"

Jordan Y. - Author, Podcaster, Wellness Expert The Balanced Blonde


“Three of my close friends know Hayley and recommended her highly. My first consultation was more than I’ve ever received in a facial before. Hayley asked me to fill out a questionnaire giving her information about all of the factors that contribute to the health of my skin. The session itself put my skin is a better place than its ever been. After our session she provided products and a regimen for my personal skin needs. Hayley is positive, insightful, and has empowered me to take better care of my skin. I’ve already recommended her to several of my friends. “

Michelle D. - Breathwork teacher, Author of Pushing Beauty


"I don't even know where to start but here I go ... Hayley has truly shown me how to trust my intuition when it comes to my skin. I suffered horrible breakouts after having food-related allergies that contributed to my cystic acne. After just one session, my glow was unreal! Since relocating, I have yet to receive the touch, guidance and tools that Hayley uses. I yearn for her methods and wish I could take her along everywhere I go. However, the way she's educated me allows for me to continue using her techniques even though I cannot be there in-person. She's, hands-down, the best."

Cassie Brown - Founder of Candid Health, Holistic Nutritionist


“Hayley is a skin expert, no doubt. But what really sets her apart from the rest is that she actually cares about you. She makes sure you're comfortable, she gives you confidence, and she doesn't make you feel guilty for aging or having a pimple or not using a million expensive skin care products. Not only does she nurture your skin, she makes you feel good about yourself! That is where true beauty comes from.”

Julie B. - Ayurvedic Healer and Teacher, True Ayurveda


"Seeing Hayley for a facial is a truly nourishing experience.  She is warm, uplifting, and generous.  I started seeing her when my skin was a complete mess.  I had terrible acne from a hormonal imbalance, and nothing was working for me (even after dietary and lifestyle changes).  Hayley taught me to love my skin, regardless of where it was.  I was so embarrassed by my skin that I wasn't feeding it with anything but shame.  I completely rejected it.  As soon as I started implementing the use of the skincare she recommended (natural, non-toxic brands) along with a new relationship to my skin, I started to see a huge improvement in its texture.  It has been a transformational journey, and I have Hayley to thank!  I also feel so soothed after every visit with her.  She is incredibly supportive and healing."    

Paige G. - Stylist, Interior Design, Creative Consulting


“I cannot recommend Hayley's services enough. As an almost-thirty-year-old who's been going to dermatologists since she was 12 for acne, I have never felt more seen and cared for than when laying on Hayley's treatment table. Not only did she really take the time to explain how she was treating my skin, she also explained why I had problems like dry skin and chin pimples. I was glowing for days after our session (she's VERY good!), but I was most impressed and grateful for the in-depth recommendations she made post-appointment for products and treatment plans. After just one appointment and after following her regimen for a few months, I'm happy to report that my skin looks totally different. I had given up on my face long ago, and Hayley gave me hope. And made me feel beautiful. And for that, I am very grateful.”

Michelle P. - Writer and Founder of Oh Holisticism


"Hayley was absolutely wonderful. She took the time to personalize my consultation and give advice tailored to my problems. I highly recommend the Therapeutic Skin Coach. Everyone should put in the effort to know your skin and take care of in long-term."

Zack Tremblay -  Tremblay Magazine


"It's about 6:00 am on a Saturday, about two weeks after my most recent facial with Hayley, and I realized this morning that my facial care rituals in the morning and at night have become my favorite parts of the day, because my skin is just delicious, radiant, healthy, glowing, even. Touching and washing my face is almost thrilling, it feels so good and smooth. The reason Hayley gets the results she does with her clients is because she treats skin as the organ it is, being connected to all the other systems in the body, so her guidance factors in stress, lifestyle, genetics unique to each person. Living in the modern world, it's becoming more and more rare that we have other people in our lives that are truly skilled in providing care for others, but Hayley is a gem, and my happy skin has radiated out into so many other parts of my life because I feel beautiful and confident and safe, just because I know she's looking out for me. It's a big deal, you all!"

Morgan L. - Doula


"Hayley is magic!  Not only are her facials outstanding, but she takes time to explain what she is seeing in your skin and explain what she is using.  She makes meaningful suggestions on products and routines - which she can tailor to your lifestyle and budget though ongoing dialogue and couching.  Hayley has the ability to make you feel special and gorgeous in such a short period of time! I left feeling pampered, beautiful and confident in my next steps.  I highly recommend this transformative experience!"

Stephanie A. - H.R. Director


"Hayley will change your life. She knows so much about skin, diet, products and life that I literally feel like I can ask her anything and she will have an answer. Her facials are tailored to you and your skins need. She will be the first person to tell you to drink more water, sleep more or if it’s time to switch up your skin care routine. Hayley is incredibly passionate and understanding. Her facials are thorough. She walks you through each product she uses and their benefits. She has really helped me with my congested nose and chin area. Did I mention all of her products are organic? Game changer."

Sammy C. - Pilates Instructor, Actress


"Hayley has an incredible gift and she is an amazing healer. I feel so pampered and special. And that was so much more than 'just a facial'- it was a true luxurious self-love experience."

Sara E. - Ayurveda enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Blissed Out Beauty


"My skin looks better than it has looked in ages! Hayley is a skin care fairy godmother. Thank you so much!"

Alexis S. - Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructor


"My skin is glowing!"

Nancy G. - Non-Profit Manager


"Someone told me yesterday that my skin was glowing.  And I have Hayley to thank! "

Amanda C. - Personal Trainer, Actress Raw Fitness and Nutrition


"Hayley Wood is a skin guru! She provides a wealth of skincare knowledge that goes way deeper than the surface. I've learned so much from her about root causes of skin issues and love her approach on self-love and using your intuition. The service and support I receive from the booking process to after is so professional and warm. I always look forward to my monthly facials with her and recommend her to all my friends. Her sessions are basically therapy combined with skin-love session. If you're seeking a holistic approach from a facialist with real expertise, book with Hayley!"

Kristine L. - Photographer, Conscious Content Creator


"Literally my savior. She saved my brows! They look amazing. I've been with Hayley for about 3 years now and never look back - even when I really, really need a wax and am out of town, I'll wait for Hayley. Highly recommended. Also the sweetest girl!"

Melanie A. - Actress, Screen Writer


"Hayley cured my oil phobia! After years of hating my oily skin and purposefully avoiding a moisturizer to "not look oily" I learned that I was only adding to problem. Since I started coming to Hayley I learned how to properly moisturize and have much clearer skin! "

Daniella T. - Model, Makeup Artist


"Hayley Wood is one of the most outstanding and excellent skin care professionals that I have had the privilege to work with over the past 5+years. Hayley has worked in some of the most premiere skin care spa locations across the country and has used her experience, expertise and guidance to help me transform the health of my skin from the inside out. I walk out of my sessions feeling re-energized. Haley has a gift of making you feel comfortable, heard and cared for during her services and this is no easy feat except for a seasoned professional as exceptional as Hayley Wood! "

Jaimie Lee M. - Education Manager


"I would like to think I have always had pretty good skin, but dealt with a lot of oil production and large pores. Hayley was amazing in helping me reach my skin goals, both with her facials and knowledge about effective clean products. Having used everything she has suggested, my skin is better than before!! It is less oily, more balanced, and clear as can be!! Do yourself a favor and book an appointment!!!"

Jessica J. - Therapist and Counselor


"Therapeutic is the perfect word to describe Hayley and her practice. You not only get top notch natural skin treatment to make your skin glows for weeks after but she addresses any underlying issues to make sure your symptoms stop creeping up! Thank you Hayley!"

Peppiina N. - Holistic Health Coach/Nutritionist


"Learning so much from Hayley, who is a truly caring and amazing person knowledgeable about natural approaches to health and skin care. Thanks for all you do!"

Amanda N. - Music Teacher


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